DEA requests ENDO Pharmaceuticals to pull OPANA from market.

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No more opana Er for me

I had my monthly meeting for my exam & refills. Dr. Said he was being proactive with opana Er & no longer RX'G it!

I called my pharmacist & he confirmed that he received notice to cease all orders and filling prescriptions for opana Er. That what he had left to fill & no more orders!

My pm dr today let me chose MS Contin or OxyContin. Since I take up to four /15 milligram oxycodone IR aday, he suggested OxyContin.

So, I was on two 30 mg opana Er daily & four 15 milligrams of oxycodone a day.


I'm RX'd the same oxycodone for breakthrough pain: four 15 mg oxycodone daily & TWO 30 MILIGRAM OxyContin.

I felt this to be under prescribing as opana Er is stronger than OxyContin.
I voiced my opinion to dr & pharmacist & both agreed I'd have opana Er left in my system that the two 30 mg OxyContin daily would be the safest call so I would not risk saturating my system with new OxyContin & Opana Er already in my system.

the next month they could increase the OxyContin mg's if need be.

I am very skeptical of this conversion & am highly concerned with withdrawals while I still am a full time worker!

I cannot find a conversion chart from opana Er to OxyContin.

If anyone can help me understand this please help!!
I would greatly appreciate it!

From : four 15 mg oxycodone a day &
Two 30 mg opana Er a day

To : Four 15 mg oxycodone a day &
Two 30 mg OxyContin. A day!

I feel for sure this is under prescribed & I'll face withdraws to some extent!


Thank you!!!

Rocker Dan
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Dear Caseyland, what I think you should do is convert the Opana to MS Contin and then convert MS Contin to Oxycontin ER utilizing the chart(s)available to you regarding conversion from Oxycodone to MS Contin? I hope this makes sense it does in whats left of my brain, sure hope this works and helps you.I am by far not an expert(seems to be a lot of em on this sight) So go get them, and feel better as those of us who get anything like what we get are darn lucky, Peace, Rocker Dan

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Thank you....

Rocker dan. That was great info for me to use & talk with pharmacist with!!!
You ROCK!!!