Chronic ulcerative colitis. Very painful !!

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Hello all, I have ulcerative colitis throughout my colon. This has been going on for 7 yrs now. I am cared for by my primary care physician (PCP), I don't use a pain clinic.
Now that I got that out of the way I have some questions regarding comparing pain meds. I was first prescribed 5/325mg vicoden then moved up to 7.5 then to 10mg. This was over a period of like 5 yrs. Of course I built up a tolerance to them and my PCP switched me to oxycodone 10mg IR. He cut out any APAPS due to the many ulcers throughout. Now after 2 yrs I have also built up another tolerance and I recently had to discuss this with my PCP, letting him know that on the last week before refill I am really low and asked him to increase my script by 20 more pills. He had no problem doing that or any of the prior changes. He knows I have severe problems and we have a trusting relationship regarding misuse !!
Now to get to my question, sorry for the lengthy post, I just want to try to reduce any questions.
What would be another med other than opiate that will be stronger than the 10 mg IR oxycodone ? It seems I have exhausted my tolerance for opiates. Yes, I could go stronger than 10mg, but eventually will have to be moved up again ! My PCP is pretty liberal and also has me on steroids to try to avoid me having to lose my colon, which is seeming to be a losing battle.
My thinking is once a tolerance is built up to one then we switch to the previous (opiate) Any advice is welcome.
Thanks in advance.