CDC Guidelines being implameted

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I recently have been dissmissed from my pain management program for among other things objecting to being cut back on my medicnes every other visit.I was thinking maybe it was me.No it was much more far reaching than just me.I obtained my medical records and saw what this doctor has beeen saying about me,and it was extreamly hurtful and disheartaning to say the least.Not only had this "man" decided to cut me back but also was planning to cut me off due in part to my not wanting injections but also asking about changes in my medications as well.Not thinking a human could be so downright mean I decided to switch to a new doctor and even as I have only been searching a few days I now find many clinics are adopting the CDCs new guidelines of a 90mg of Morphine rule,which is to say,that no more than 90mgs of morphine which is 60mgs of Oxycododne per day is the highest to which a pain provider can write and more like a 50mg of Morphine rule is what they are sugesting. So around 30mgs of Oxycodone max is the new normal.Now also the CDC commies want no longer to allow extended release on anything.It was hard for me to understand so I went to the CDCs home page and afterreading miles of wordage i came to the bottom where they "recomend" this back woods treatment plan.It seems like we the needy are going to the history pages without a fight .I am happy to have made a friend or two here such as gtrplayer and wish us only the best,I hope i awake to find this only a nightmare,but alas I have seen the wrighting on the wall,and it x*#&s.There is even FrownFrowna site that shows an increase in suicides among the chronic pain people,well if I get that bad I am taking a doctor or two down by  pimping the $#&@$&? out for innsurnce fruad or turning me into a addict then abandoning me.I wish I was wrong.Rocker Dan

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I kept thinking, "This can't be for real.A competent physician wouldn't do this to patients who follow the rules!" but it is happening. It's horrible. I was at 240 mgs of Oxycodone a day. I very rarely used that much, but it was nice to know it was there just in case I was having an extraordinarily bad day. Now my new script will be a total of 60 mgs/day. I can't even put into words how I am feeling. More than just depressed. Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless.