Addiction, Withdrawal, Drug Abuse etc.

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A long-time and very respected moderator/member made an informative post last night.  Please see Comment #12 in this thread.

We are taking excerpts from gtrplayer's post and making this a permanent post.

If you want to discuss addiction, withdrawal, drug experimentation, etc. please try these links before posting your 'withdrawal daily diary' on These particular boards are likely to have more informed posters for those topics: for those of you struggling with addiction, as well as those who want more info, or group support, about recovery; give the red link a try.

Pharmaceutical abuse, also falsely called "Harm Reduction", Try For the record, I am not a fan of Bluelight. As a moderator early on, I was involved with hopping back and forth, trying to see where some of these crazy questions were coming from. So, if drug abuse is your thing, and I honestly pray that it isn't, give them a try. At best, they try to reduce the harm to those who absolutely insist on abusing drugs.

For those of you who insist on starting your dedication to addiction, and are looking for personal accounts, or a diary of sorts, as to how their "experiment" worked, Try Again, I'm not a big fan.

For those who want to see what life is like as a sales rep for a variety of different companies, try; I actually like this one, but be foreworned; many of these posters are either jaded sales representatives complaining about a variety of things, and the language is colorful, to say the least