Actavis brand oxycodone (A215) back... but very different?? Has anyone else noticed a change in them??

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Didn't Father Sarducci (aka

Didn't Father Sarducci (aka Don Novello) smoke Marlboros doing his act on the old SNL? Hey Paisan, you know Imma paisan too, right? I'm a member in good standing of The Sons of Italy, and that'sa no Prosciutto, either. I gotta tell ya, any body wit a last name thatsa end with the tti, he'sa gott be da Paisan, capice?

Yeah, those were some tough weeks but I'm finally closing in on removing the main cause . . . my BTP med, OxycodoneIR 30 mg, was no longer addressing my BTP in any helpful way. It took me forever to get all parties concerned to turn to the same page but I think that was accomplished today. It's all about Fentora and I will post a Topic on it as soon as I've had 2 more weeks of experience using it. Gotta go A-M, type at ya later paisan . . .

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M 30s

... deleted this board is bull

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Most will agree that Malli's

Most will agree that Malli's are junk. They work consitantly half as good as other brands the few times I've been stuck with them. You want Actavis/Amide or Qualitest. There is also Roxicodone by Xanodyne/Roxxane Labs. Untill recently Ive never heard a complaint about Amide, but after they began production again after a few months of being off the market, some people are a little sensitive to them. Roxicodone and Qualitest oxycodone IR are both good options. Good luck. I also second the suggestion in the other thread, look into fentanyl transdermal patches, name brand is Duragesic. Excellent stuff!! It works on average 48-72hrs working away while you dont even notice its there or have to chug as many pills. There is no high or euphoria, just pain relief, so if you associate euphoria with how good a medication works, fentanyl is not for you. There are also great fentanyl break thru meds, but without insurance, I dont know if you have it, the price is through the roof. My prescription for Actiq is in the thousands, and there is also Fentora which a good forum member Quincy seems to be having good results with. We will know more after he's taken them a bit longer.

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YES! ACTAVIS make me very sick.

I have been a wreck for the last week. Abdominal pains, that nothing will aleviate. Now a sore throat, aggitation. These are horrible. Is there some kind of feedback line? I would think the manufacturer since they keep changing their formulas without retesting would want that. I would never EVER take Acatavis brand again!! My poor pharmicist was keeping me away from Mallinckrodts which were making me ill. Now these. I feel like our system / the FDA is truly not caring about our health. The variables from one generic to another is unconciouable. I wish we could form some sort of lawsuit to force manufacturers to make our generics safe. 

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Do the new A215s look

Do the new A215s look different?? Did they make them abuse-proof with the deterrent in them like they did with the new OxyContins OPs?? I used 2 get the 30s but 4 some stupid reason my dr don't wanna prescribe em anymore so now I get the 20s and I get the Amneal brand n it works very good 4 me cuz I was usually getting the K57s which obviously is the KVK Tech brand n the K's only alleviated my lumbar pain not my thoracic too..but the Amneal helps both and they make it in a 30mg too obviously so next time ur meds r about 2 b due ask ur pharmacist if they can order the Amneal u won't be sorry it has like virtually no filler in it!!!!

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No ..

A 215 is not extended release.