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Ford replaces CEO Mark Fields in push to transform business

Pharma news - 3 hours 14 min ago

DETROIT (AP) — Ford is replacing CEO Mark Fields as it struggles to keep its traditional auto-manufacturing business running smoothly while remaking itself as a nimble, high-tech provider of new mobility services.

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Venezuela protest: Pro-government supporter set on fire as death toll hits 48

Pharma news - 4 hours 31 sec ago

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused opposition protesters of setting a pro-government supporter on fire on the 50th day of the wave of protests, which has gripped the country. Footage of the man being set alight was broadcasted on state television and the man, identified as Orlando Figuera, 21, has been treated in hospital for severe burns and several stab wounds. According to reports, about 100 people, who were participating in anti-Maduro protests in Caracas, surrounded Mr Figuera, doused him in gasoline and set him alight in Plaza Altamira in the east of the country’s capital.

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Philippines' Duterte heads to Russia in blow to US

Pharma news - 6 hours 29 min ago

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte flew to Russia on Monday to meet his hero, seek arms and steer his nation's foreign policy further away from longtime ally the United States. The five-day trip will cement a dramatic improvement in relations with Russia since Duterte came to power last year and began unravelling his country's decades-long alliances with the United States, which he accuses of hypocrisy and bullying. "Russia must cease to be at the margins of Philippine diplomacy.

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Fourth person in probable Ebola death in Congo: WHO

Pharma news - 8 hours 49 min ago

KINSHASA (Reuters) - A fourth person has likely died from Ebola in remote northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization said on Sunday, as the overall number of cases rose to 37 from 29.     Of the 37 cases of haemorrhagic fever discovered since early May, two have been confirmed as Ebola, three, including the latest death, are considered probable and 32 are suspected, WHO's Congo spokesman Eugene Kabambi told Reuters. ...

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China's Hainan Airlines to buy 19 Boeing jets for $4.2bln

Pharma news - 9 hours 41 min ago

China's Hainan Airlines, which has poured billions of dollars into overseas acquisitions, announced plans Monday to buy 19 Boeing aircraft for $4.2 billion to help meet skyrocketing travel demand by Chinese consumers. The company said in a statement to Shanghai's stock exchange that it would buy 13 Boeing 787-9 passenger jets and six 737-8s, citing the continued "rapid growth" in China's travel market as incomes rise. Chinese airlines have seen booming business in recent years, rushing to expand their fleets and route networks amid growth that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts will take China past the United States to become the world's largest air-travel market by 2024.

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Cathay Pacific sacks 600 staff in major shakeup

Pharma news - 10 hours 16 min ago

Hong Kong's flagship airline Cathay Pacific said Monday it would cut 600 staff including a quarter of its management, as part of its biggest shakeup in two decades to repair its bottom line. In March the company posted its first annual net loss in eight years, citing intense competition as lower cost airlines, particularly from mainland China, eat into its market share. It pledged at the time to slash costs by 30 percent after its $74 million net loss in 2016 reversed a $773 million profit in the previous year.

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Texas revives 'bathroom bill,' but only for public schools

Pharma news - 11 hours 57 min ago

State lawmakers are reviving Texas' version of a North Carolina-style transgender "bathroom bill," moving to ensure it will at least apply to public schools by adding hotly debated language to otherwise unrelated legislation involving classroom safety.

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Donald Trump nominates Callista Gingrich, wife of Newt Gingrich, as ambassador to the Vatican

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 4:37pm

Donald Trump has nominated Callista Gingrich, wife of former House Speaker and fervent Trump ally Newt Gingrich, to serve as ambassador to the Vatican. The White House announced the nomination the same day Mr Trump left for his first trip overseas as president, during which he will stop at the Vatican for an audience with the Pope. Some in Washington hope Ms Gingrich will be able to patch up relations between the president and the pontiff, who engaged in a war of words over Mr Trump’s proposed US-Mexico border wall during the campaign.

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7 Burning ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Questions For Season 5

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 3:36pm

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 5 has so many questions to answer about Coulson and the team.

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Babysitter Charged After Children, 9 and 6 Years Old, Take Her Car And Crash It

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 3:09pm

They also found drugs in the car.

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Mother from Peru granted stay from deportation

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 2:48pm

DENVER (AP) — A mother of two children who sought sanctuary at a Quaker meeting house in Denver to avoid U.S. immigration authorities has been granted a temporary stay from deportation.

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Mike Pence hit by student walk-out at Notre Dame graduation

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 2:11pm

More than 100 students and their family members have walked out of Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech at Notre Dame University in protest over his stance on LGBTQ issues and refugees. Mr Pence, who was born not far from the northern Indiana campus, addressed the graduating class on Sunday. Brian Ricketts, one of the group’s leaders and a former Notre Dame student body president, told IndyStar that many students were “upset and hurt” by the decision to invite Mr Pence because his “policies have impacted the humanity of certain graduates”.

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S. Africa risks becoming 'mafia state' warns Ramaphosa

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 1:20pm

South Africa risks becoming a "mafia state", Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa warned Sunday, calling for a corruption probe at the top as he stepped up criticism of President Jacob Zuma. Ramaphosa is one of the main candidates to succeed Zuma as head of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) ahead of general elections expected in 2019. For some months he has been making attacks on the president, implicated in a series of corruption scandals, notably after a controversial reshuffle at the end of March which ousted respected finance minister Pravin Gordhan.

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Dad And Son Graduate College Together: 'It Was Really Emotional'

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 1:02pm

They both received bachelor's degrees.

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Trump urges Muslim leaders to confront extremism

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 1:01pm

US President Donald Trump on Sunday urged Muslim leaders to take a stand against violence committed in the name of religion, describing the struggle against extremism as a "battle between good and evil". In a highly anticipated speech to dozens of leaders of Muslim countries in Saudi Arabia, Trump lashed out at Iran and softened his tone on Islam by rejecting the idea of a battle between religions. This is a battle between good and evil," Trump said.

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Some Notre Dame students walk out of commencement where Pence to speak

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 12:12pm

Dozens of graduates left the university's graduation ceremony as Vice President Mike Pence took the podium.

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Parents Arrested After Allegedly Forcing 5-Year-Old To Drink Mouthwash Because He Was Thirsty

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 12:02pm

Their kids were reportedly abused all the time.

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Leaving the life: The final days of the Ringling Bros. circus

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 11:20am

An elephant stretches its trunk through a window to soothe a sick child. A woman gives birth and three months later is back performing on the high wire. A handler of big cats weeps as the beasts lope out of the ring for the last time.

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Little women stand tall at Dubai fashion show

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 11:18am

Like all working mums, Colleen Theriault has her hands full with her four-year-old son and a full-time career as head baker at a patisserie in the US state of North Carolina. The International Dwarf Fashion Show, a non-profit organisation that aims to "reverse the discriminatory diktats of beauty", brought seven women with dwarfism to Dubai this week for a show dedicated to raising awareness about the need for more inclusivity in fashion. "This is the farthest I've ever travelled, especially by myself," Theriault told AFP, after modelling two dresses at the show late Saturday.

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Black politician ‘threatened with lynching’ after calling for Donald Trump's impeachment

Pharma news - May 21, 2017 - 11:01am

Democrat representative Al Green said he had been menaced with threatening phone calls after he took to the House floor to accuse Mr Trump of “obstruction of justice”. One caller reportedly threatened him with a racial slur before saying he would be “hanging from a tree” if he continues to push for Mr Trump’s impeachment. Mr Green was the first member of congress to call for Mr Trump’s impeachment on the House floor earlier this, citing the Republican leader’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey as one of the primary reasons.

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